Daisy Tattoos Designs

By | June 11, 2013

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Daisy tattoos designs would be an attractive floral design for your next tattoo and they are probably one of the easiest kinds of flower to tattoo.


They are like a childlike representation of a flower; naive and also very simple.

Is it possible that this is the way that you can think about yourself?

Special, unique and pure (from the surroundings many of us are living in.

Would you like to get an array of tiny daisies dispersed around a tribal tattoo or perhaps a single large daisy blooming with green leaves winding along the side of a layout?

Daisy tats stand for everlasting charm.

Thanks to the sun’s rays, there is a multitude of colours available from pale azure to striking crimson.Some tend to be in shades of blue or red and a few are candy striped.


The most identifiable daisy tattoos have white colored petals and yellowish centres.

It is possible to be extremely creative with the daisy flower tattoo: a string of daisies strung around your ankle or wrist, bold daisy tats on yourshoulder blade or even a more substantial layout across your back.


Daisy tattoo layouts are incredibly feminine and delightful and should be seriously considered!

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