Dangers In Removing Hair By Laser

By | February 14, 2014

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Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that is now a very common cosmetic procedure in the world. Laser hair removal procedure has its own risks and side effects like other medical procedures.

Understanding the dangers of laser hair removal and how to avoid it are important before undergoing the treatment. By doing so, you can achieve the result that you want from the treatment.

Below are some of the dangers in laser hair removal treatment:

1. The treatment area can get over-heated if the patient with darker pigment in skin was exposed to sun or tanning 4- 6 weeks prior to the laser hair removal treatment. Avoid sun or tanning 4-6 weeks prior to treatment for the best result.

2. Some lasers can be dangerous for darker skin types or ineffective on blond hairs. Consult with the doctors beforehand to check the suitability of the skin and hair types.

3. Patient performs self inject anesthesia to perform the laser hair removal treatment. Anesthesia should be performed by qualified medical professionals. A topical anesthetic is the preferred method.

4. Applying overdose of anesthetic cream may result in fatal death.

5. Swelling or burns as a result of exposing to sun in less than a week or immediately following the laser hair removal treatment. Doctors should warn the patient about this complication before the initial session.

6. Some medications are not safe to use as it can cause complications or the treatment will be less effective. The doctors should inform the patients all medicines that will complicate the laser hair removal procedure. Or discuss with the doctors about existing medication before having the treatment.

7. Laser marks or skin burn (possibly first or second degree burns) which can result in scarring. This should not occur if the procedure is performed correctly. Check out the doctor’s background and experience before beginning the treatment.

8. Pain from having laser hair removal treatment from sensitive area such as armpits or pubic hair. Consider having anesthesia if the pain is a concern.

Before you begin the treatment, it is worth checking out the credibility, experience and background of the laser hair removal clinic or doctor who is going to perform the treatment. They should warn you of the potential dangers and risks involved before the treatment. After the treatment, follow the procedures or advices given to reduce the potential side effects or dangers.

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