Design Your Own Tattoo with Online Tools

By | December 26, 2013

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Whether you’re decorated with tattoos or planning your first one, online tools and resources can help you design something you’ll love. Even if you’re not an artist, Web applications and image libraries can help you craft the perfect graphic. When you can’t design one yourself, some sites pair you with an artist who can help. If you still can’t visualize — or commit — to permanent body art, consider a custom temporary tattoo of your design to try before you buy.

Lettering Resources

Names, religious verses, song lyrics and poetry help people create some meaningful tattoos. If you hope to incorporate lettering into your design, you’ll need to find the right font. You can search font directories like FontSpace and for “tattoo” to download and install fonts on your computer. You can then use the fonts in your favorite word-processing application to create your tattoos. However, not all fonts that display in search results will be suitable for tattoos, and you may want to consult a tattoo artist before making your final selection.

Other Web applications allow you to enter your tattoo text and then sample it in various fonts, colors and sizes. Tattoo Lettering offers about 35 fonts and several colors from which to choose. Once you find a lettering that you like, you can either print or download it to take to your tattoo artist, or download the font to work within your favorite word-processing application. The Tatuaze Tattoo Lettering Designer offers a few additional sizing options, multiple lines and different fonts. However, this site only allows for right-click image saving to your computer

Do-It-Yourself Design
When you want a graphical tattoo, but aren’t quite sure of the exact graphics, other online resources can help. Tattoo Planner , for example, not only offers design tips and fonts, but includes a library of images. The site also provides access to custom design services. If you choose this service, you can submit a picture of yourself and the artists who run the site will show you how your one-of-a-kind design looks on your body. You can also browse online galleries, such as Free Tattoo Designs , Tattoodles , Tattoos By Design and Flash and Furious . Find elements you like, and then use free image editing tools, such as Pixlr , to piece them together.

Partner With Artists
Not everyone will be able to make the picture in their head materialize on the screen regardless of available pictures and tools. Those people can search for an artist on websites such as Create My Tattoo and . Create My Tattoo has a database of thousands of artist profiles and portfolios you can browse. You can also describe your tattoo to create a contest wherein artists submit their designs in hopes of securing your business. Either way, you’ll get at least 10 designs from which to choose. You select one and take it to your favorite tattoo shop. You can also submit a description of the picture in your head to to receive a custom sketch from a professional artist. If you like the sketch, the artist works with you to perfect your one-of-kind tattoo.

Think Before You Ink
Still having trouble committing to your design or placement? Try a temporary tattoo. You can submit your image to websites like StickerYou and Tattoo Fun and order custom temporary tattoos. They go on with water and can give you a few days to decide whether you really want the tattoo. Try it out in different placements, sizes and colors. StickerYou allows for orders by the sheet, but Tattoo Fun requires purchase of a multi-sheet package of the same design, which works if you want to try the tattoo in different placements. Try before you buy to ensure you are totally satisfied with your tattoo.

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