Direct Sales Jewelry Companies-A Review of the Premier Designs Business Opportunity

By | February 15, 2014

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If you love shopping for jewelry and have an ‘itch’ to become an entrepreneur and ‘fire your boss’, you might want to check out a company named Premier Designs. Premier Designs is a direct sales jewelry company that distributes high quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Premier Designs was founded in 1985 by Andy and Joan Horner. The company is┬ábased in Irving, Texas which is an area near Dallas. They have had a strong philanthropic background supporting ministries around the world, and base their company philosophy on religious principles. Their company motto is, “put people first, before profits.”

Premier Designs is financially sound and debt free. The corporation has also grown into a direct sales giant and is worth more than 350 million dollars to date. A pretty impressive record in the MLM industry.

As a distributor you would not be required to maintain a certain amount of inventory. You would profit by buying jewelry at a 50% discount and selling at full retail. But with Premier, your main goal would be to build a team of distributors, which in MLM is called your downline. When you sponsor a distributor into the company, you will earn a commission of 10% on all sales made by them. And this applies to every distributor you bring into the direct sales opportunity.

The beauty of MLM is that you can profit off the efforts of your team and gain a residual or ‘passive’ income. And if you have a strong background in sales and marketing, your chances of success are strong. Also, having prior experience as an entrepreneur will almost guarantee success. But if you are lacking knowledge in these areas, there are some issues you need to consider.

Most people enter directs sales and MLM with absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to succeed. The great majority are simply tired of the 9 to 5 grind and are looking for a way out. But most fail because they don’t understand what it takes to be a home business owner. They don’t understand that they need to change their mentality from that of an employee to that of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs understand that to profit in the future, an upfront investment is required. They understand that to harvest a crop in the future, planting seeds in the present is necessary.

People that have never been in business for themselves are rarely willing to accept the fact that it will take time to learn new skills and profit. They have become so used to the security of the timely paycheck as well as a ‘secure’ retirement. And that’s why most that enter MLM fail.

If your considering building a business with Premier Designs, make sure you start with an entrepreneurial mindset. Be willing to invest now for the reward of financial freedom. It might take months or even years, but the rewards of your courage will be greater than you can imagine.

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