Do Tattoos Always Feel Raised

By | June 5, 2015

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I was told it would feel like a sun burn and itch like hell. I have 4 tattoos . missy k · 5 years ago . 1. 0 the lines are all raised about 1/6th an inch, is this normal and will the skin always be raised there or is it just enflamed? Add your answer. Source.

It's an all black tattoo and sometimes where the ink is will become raised and swollen, but not always. a tattoo can feel raised if the artist over worked it. basically your tattoo would have a small scar over the lines he "overworked". a good artists knows All my tattoos do it.

Are somewhat patchy, and a bit washed out looking. i am not a sun worshipper, so it is always It is nothing what so ever to do with being a cover up and if you asked a lot of people about their tattoos they Why does my tattoo sometimes feel 'raised' and

It feels raised when I touch it. Is this normal? Est. 2000. Join Login. For tattooers, collectors, & the curious. Site Navigation. Websites Tattoos News & Info Artists Shop. Follow Us Around The Web They make it easy to update the images and info yourself any time you feel the

Does anyone know why a tattoo outline would still feel raised even a year after being done ? Some of my tattoos raise up from time to time. It's not itchy or red, just always slightly raised in a few areas. And it's not even a very detailed tattoo. Weird (like me )

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All I am new to this stuff and considering getting my first tattoo soon. I noticed that tattoos on some people look and feel (to the touch) like they are "raised", and some others look like they are under the skin and the skin surface feel smooth to the touch.

That's what I've always put on my tatts and they all have healed and you can still feel them "raised" up on my lower back. There is bone there (less fat) so it would protrude more (I would think) than on a part Did you go to the same tattoo parlor as your other tattoos?

Tonight while I was getting ready for bed I ran my fingers over my tattoo and noticed that some parts of it are raised slightly and the parts on, its finally fall here and I do always get dry skin lotion or wool). Both tattoos are fairly solid black lines in delicate areas

Twice that i have noticed and each for about 10 min. it was noticably raised too, i could feel each of I concur that different areas are more sensitive and IMO the tattoo artist should always make sure they aren’t digging in too deeply raised tattoos are normally caused by

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