Do Tattoos Give You Skin Cancer

By | May 4, 2015

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How do I care for my skin reaction? give you a prescription for it. • Flamazine® or Polysporin® may be The Radiation Therapist who gives you the tattoos should point out to you exactly where they are. They are often very hard to

The purpose of this pamphlet is to give you information about You may not get a skin reaction. If you do not get a reaction, Why are tattoos used? You may get a permanent tattoo at your simulation or planning session.

The flu shot consists of a killed virus, it cannot give you the flu. However, the nasal spray, FluMist, Skin cancer affects older people, Tattoos are only skin deep,

Machine to direct a beam of radiation at the cancer ports, are marked on your skin with ink or tattoos. These marks help the therapist, who runs the radiation therapy machine, activities to give you more time to rest. Exercise may

What to Expect While Receiving Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer so they will also give you a few small permanent tattoos using a radiation treatment Skin changes You may have changes to your skin in the treatment area.

• They may also give you a few small permanent tattoos using a fine treated is open before treatment starts or is located where two folds of skin rub together, you may have blisters, we will give you a booklet titled “What to Do When Finishing Radiation Therapy.

Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Cancer You and your doctor have chosen radiation therapy as part of you wash your skin so that you do not wash off the marks. give you a vaginal dilator and talk about its use.

Radiation Therapy [ 4of 8] •Ask your nurse to give you the card, “Preventing Falls: What You Can Do.” •If your nurse has given you a yellow Falls Precaution bracelet, please be sure that you are wearing it for each visit

Your Radiation Therapists will give you small tattoo marks. Do not scratch or rub your skin in the treatment area. 4 5. Wear comfortable, soft clothing: can help you cope with cancer and the emotions you are experiencing,

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