Do Tattoos In Your Ear Hurt

By | May 28, 2015

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How much would a tattoo in your ear hurt? One like this: http Hey, I have a tattoo there and it didn't hurt at all. I was really surprised cos I've got some other tattoos that hurt a bit, and I thought that area would be really sensitive,

Find answers to the question, How Much Does A Tattoo Behind Your Ear Hurt? from people who know at Ask Experience. Home. Search I've got tattoos on my hips wrist ankle bones collar bones and ribs I spent 10 or so hours getting a pirate ship on my ribs now that was

How bad do behind the ear tattoos hurt? i have to say out of my 5 tattoos this one hurt the least!! the only thing that bothered me was the buzzing so close to my ear just sounds like a bumble bee but other than that it was a breeze and i was in and out in 10 min!

Do tattoos behind your ear hurt ? i really want some stars or somthing behind my ear do they hurt there as its a quite boney place ? 1 following . 12 answers . Report Abuse. Would a tattoo behind the ear hurt really bad?

Tattoos anywere hurt They hurt everywhere. If you really really want a tattoo, pain shouldn't even be a factor.

I have five tattoos, three of which made this list. Oddly enough, they didn’t hurt that badly. I giggled with the one behind my ear (it tickled…my artist thought I was nuts).

Quick Answer. The skin surrounding the ears is especially sensitive, so getting a tattoo on this part of the body can be painful. A tattoo behind the ear can also hurt because there is a minimal amount of fat in this area.

How Much Do Tattoos Behind The Ear Hurt. By Rosetta | January 21, 2015 0 Comment. how much do Do your Wisdom Teeth Hurt? Wisdom Teeth, The normal position for developing wisdom teeth is behind the upper and lower second molars.

Where do Tattoos hurt the most? Do Tattoos Hurt? Where do Tattoos hurt the most? Here is a simple diagram showing you where tattoos are most and least painful.

Best Answer: I have all of both of behind my ears tattooed and for me personally i couldn't feel a thing. I have a hell of a lot of tattoos n they are the only ones that not only did it not hurt i couldn't feel it at all. However, everyone is different and what hurts more for some

Do tattoos behind your ear hurt ? Would a tattoo behind the ear hurt really bad? More questions. Tattoo behind ear, does it hurt? Does a tattoo behind your ear hurt? Answer Questions. Tattoo ideas?

What is a bump in your ear cartilage just below the entrance to your ear that pops out on the back and hurts badly although your ears have been pierced since you were young and it just appeared?

Mine didn't. I have one on the back of my neck and two really large tattoos around my forearms the one behind the ear hurt the least.

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