Do you think tattoos are ugly?

By | February 5, 2014

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I've got colors on both legs and black on the arms to my elbows. It's common here in O.C. Cali as well as other places but I was wondering since Y! answers is nationwide, are there still places where tattoos are frowned upon?

Thanks! Jaymelyn puttin in some question for the girls.

Kelsayyy, Imagine Zac Efron with one of those Mike Tyson tats on his face! Funny!

Funny stuff AthiestMama!!

Stardust, Will I B hot If I go to Michigan?

Yep, all tattoos are ugly.

(A big “not” for the sarcasm impaired)

Absolutely there are places that frown upon them. It tends to be more age based, although one's social attitudes play in pretty strongly. Generally, the more conservative types (and age tends to make one conservative) dislike them, and the more liberal types like them.

Here in NorCal at the university I work at, ink is incredibly common even amongst us “old” folks (42). A California university is likely to swing pretty left, so no surprise there. I'm pretty sure although they probably exist, tattoos on NYC high-powered lawyers are fairly rare.

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