Does anyone know of any high quality tattoo sites online?

By | February 3, 2014

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I'm looking for pictures of tattoos of forget-me-nots. I know there are several different ways to portray flowers as tattoos but I'm looking specifically for very realistic examples. I know there are several tattoo sites out there but it is rare to find one that is well organized and doesn't taken several minutes to load. If anyone has any favorite sites that they could recommend I would very much appreciate it.

Here's some:

But where? Are you going to travel to the best place you can find, anywhere in the world to get your tattoo done?

What you need to do is find images of the flowers that appeal to you. Take them and any items or even real forget me nots, to your tattooist of choice.

To locate a good one, Google 'tattoo shops in and around _______' and then look at their web sites. Go and find experienced tattooists. Look at their portfolio to see their style, and have them draw up a custom work for you.

If you find one within traveling distance that you like, you can email them about your tattoo idea. You can then work out having them draw up a design for your approval. You will have to pay a fee for their time, if you do not have them tattoo you, and if they are going to, then the fee will go towards the work done.

Here's some images of forget me nots:


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