Does Getting A Tattoo Redone Hurt More

By | May 27, 2015

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How much does getting a tattoo hurt? “Some people said that it was more just mind over matter, to not really think about it. afraid he would hurt her. She had the tattoo redone with a friend in July. “He went a lot deeper,” she said.

Depending on your skin and how well your original tattoo was done, it might hurt more or might be the same. however my friend has just had his arm redone – whole of the top of his arm? Does it hurt more to have a cover up on a tattoo?

Best Answer: Only if not allowed time to heal and if there is significant scarring from the original tattoo. im a tattoo artist so ive seen this a couple times lol. it all depends. but in most cases, yes. but in your case, youre talkin some small kanji on your wrist. so even if it

Best Answer: it's about the same as long as its been 2 weeks since you got it done its mostly healed I have 16 tattoos and just got 3 redone and it was about the some pain if not a little less and if your color faded in less then 6 mo. you should get a new tattoo artist because a true

Perhaps due to celebrities getting them and showing them off or possibly just because of the way they look, more and more people are looking into getting tattoos on their hands or feet. Generally, a tattoo tends to hurt more on areas where there is less padding provided by muscle,

Does having a tattoo hurt? You will literally bleed the ink out and will have to get the tat redone. Yes, there is some pain, it really depends how close to bone you're getting the tattoo, the closer the more painful.

Especially the inside of the finger is going to HURT so much worse than any other area; You are fine with paying to get it redone, This definitely changed my view on getting a finger tattoo!

Ankle/foot tattoo- does it really hurt more there? Started by Mary666 , Dec 20 2010 04:15 PM. Page 1 of 2 ; 1; 2; Next; Please log in to reply; 45 replies to this topic #1 Mary666 I had it redone this year (it had faded after 9 years)

I was wondering if its more painful than getting a new tattoo When i went to have redone, he corrected the entire sigh and made it it was so damn hurt because my skin still young (youthful skin).it was hurt more than i got the new one. but when

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