Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

By | October 2, 2013

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Dragonfly Tattoo Designs – A Truly Unique Tattoo Design!

 Are dragonfly tattoo designs generally used by females only?


Dragonflies symbolize a magical and a natural part of human being tradition, at the same time have only recently risen in popularity among tattoo lovers.

Together with fairies, hearts, and tribal patterns, they have become the top of the popular food chain for female tattoo designs.

Enter just about any dance club in South Beach, and you will probably come across a wide selection of waif slim design with dragonfly tattoossoaring upon their lower backs and hips, each one standing out among the others with their distinctive elegance and natural beauty.



The following is a look at the dragonfly and what this particular noble insect means to those who have them on themselves.
Dragonflies and butterflies are preferred tattoo subjects not just due to their particular beauty, but because of what they signify to the world.

Generally, when a gal is looking for her very first tattoo, it’s symbolic of some change she is going through in her life.


Both dragonflies and butterflies move through a metamorphosis to reach the heights of splendor they’re best known for.

In the same way, this is often used as a powerful example for all those girls who are experiencing change themselves.

If a chick is simply getting out of the house to live on her own, a dragonfly tattoo can easily symbolize that move.

The same goes for getting married, and even divorced.

The dragonfly is really a powerful symbolic representation regarding improvement in a young woman’s life.

Much more visually appealing dragonfly tattoo layouts stand for transformation, their enormous wing spans and soaring grace also stand for freedom.

Several young women feel a powerful need to show their independence when they are becoming young adults.

By doing this, the dragonfly is definitely an extension of this affirmation, a piece of art used to express someone’s independence to the world.

Dragonfly tattoo designs have just recently gained popularity, but it is sure that this is absolutely not a fad that will fade away.

  If you’ve been considering getting a tattoo that represents your own desire for independence and freedom the dragonfly could possibly be a fantastic choice for you.

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