Drew Barrymore Tattoos

By | June 23, 2013

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Drew Barrymore Tattoos – Drew does have a revealed half of a dozen tattoo designs on her presently, but Drew isn’t going to eliminate the probability associated with having few more tattoo designs.


When a good number of men and women are familiar with five of her tattoodesigns, one of these layouts is a text tattoo design which is not generally discussed she did inked the name of her previous flame James Walters, directly below the guardian angel design.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos designs are believed to be tremendously attractive by simply most of the men and women, who seem to appreciate taking a look at them, particularly while she is no longer dressed as in the Playboy photo session.

In the event you would like to obtain a tattoo design which is going to drive other people crazy, it is possible to without a doubt consider a suggestion or two coming from Drew.


Area is extremely significant; men and women have a tendency to come across tattoo designs which can be on extremely girly areas, just like thelower backhipleg or breast area, to generally be extremely hot.

One more thing to take into consideration is definitely the area of interest or the topic, a tattoo design may perhaps be within the most sexy location, but in the event that it’s a graphic associated with a skull layout, dagger design or anything different unattractive, it will not necessarily end up being so much of a sexy butterfly tattoo or fairy tattoo design.

However, half of a dozen tattoo designs had been more than enough to have Drew one the listing of the very best Ten women of all ages having tattoo designs.

Barrymore’s tattoos include:

Drew’s hip tattoo design is a bouquet of flowers design, on her left side.

The next tattoo located on stomach is a very nice tiny butterfly, and it’s also probably the most popular Drew’s tattoo artwork completed in shaded black, to help to highlight the star figure.

Her smallest tattoo design is actually on her toe, a tiny dark crescent moon.

The cross tattoo designs have become very famous, therefore Drew wanted an exclusive adaptation for her cross design on her lower right leg.

Drew find a tattoo artist to ink the cross designed with an incredibly stylized approach, coupled with vines layout all around the graphic.


Her lower back reveals two striking angels, the first one having Drew’s mom’s name, “Jaid”, and the second one covering an ex-boyfriend name.

Learn how to get tattoo designs like Drew

Drew Barrymore tattoos happen to be one of a kind while in the simply because all of them were tattooed in shaded black. Everyone of Drew tattoo designs are inked in a really marked, black color pattern, using greyish shading.

To reach the comparable result, you should definitely have your tattoodesigns completed without the need for color choice shading, and also have all of them completed in a tribal dark black ink.

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