Ed Hardy Swimwear: Tattoo Style For The Summer Months

By | January 2, 2014

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Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier have launched a new line of swimwear for the popular Ed Hardy collection. French designer Christian Audigier, has taken swimwear to new heights with his revolutionary new line. Original graphics created by tattoo master Don Ed Hardy are displayed on separately made pieces. Tattoos inspire the manufacturing process behind this new and exciting line. Luscious Italian fabric made specifically for swimwear is sublimated with the graphic prints. Christian Audigier, uses the sparkle of crystals, colorful foils, and unique jeweled hardware to enhance the graphics and make each piece a work of art. Since the December launch, this line is taking the swimwear industry by storm and gaining popularity in specialty boutiques throughout the world.

The top manufacturer of designer swimwear for women is Sea and Sun. From a base in LA, Sea and Sun markets and manufactures Ed Hardy and Chrisitan Audigier’s swimwear collections. These collections entail contemporary swimwear for men and women, in addition to boogie boards, surf boards and beach towels.

The man has put his designs on just about everything now a days. However when shopping make sure you are buying authentic items. Unfortunately for consumers many operations are pumping out imitation gear that can be hard to spot.

The world renowned designer Christian Audigier has fueled the success of brands such as Diesel, Von Dutch, and even his own brand Christian Audigier. Across the globe, celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Shakira, Janet Jackson,Lindsay Lohan, Christina Milan, Jessica Alba, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Hillary Swank, Heidi Montag and even notable athletes Shaquille O’Neal, Roy Jones Jr. and David Beckham know the brand name ‘Ed Hardy’ very well. Ed Hardy has created a brand beloved throughout the fashion world.

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