Egyptian Tattoo Designs

By | October 29, 2013

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Egyptian Tattoo Designs
from Egypt, Region of Tradition.


 Adopting a Mythical Egyptian tattoo designs

will create mystery around you.



egyptian-tattoo-designs-amunetEgypt stands out as the place regarding traditions and possesses numerous mythological legends around gods and also goddesses who viewed as mixture of both person and animal.

Tattooing has in fact already been done since the particular period of the historical Egyptians and is common throughout the world. In 1891, archaeologists discovered the mummified residue of Amunet.

This particular mummy has been discovered at Thebes. Amunet was obviously a priestess of Hathor.

This particular female mummy showed many outlines as well as dots along with dashes needled on her body, aligned in abstract geometrical designs.


Egyptian tattoo designs, such as a number of other tattoo coming from mythology and traditional cultures, tend to be increasing in popularity.

They’re stylish, socially acceptable, and a great way of discovering and using art imagery from all around the globe.

Egyptian tattoos are generally gorgeous and eye-catching images from the ancient past.

Most people have a very good evolved perception of what Egyptian art appears to be and ways in which it will be specially designed to contemporary tattoo designs.

Alternatively, just about everyone has just a general notion of precisely what ancient Egyptian tattoo designs look like.

In the American world most of tattoos were initially used by men. Females having tats caught on later on.

However, if you ever glance at the Egyptian religious beliefs, you will discover that it appeared to be female that got tattoos and these were like dots together with dashes generally used during fertility rituals.

Egyptian tattoo designs were mainly placed on the pelvic and pubic part of women to denote libido and passion.

It seems that needling wasn’t particularly popular between the Egyptians, with one significant exception for women, from priestesses to princesses, appeared to be inked using a pattern of outlines and figures.

We realize this since a few of these particular women whom have been mummified, which conserved skin as well as the tattoos.

All these authentic Egyptian tattoo designs had a meaning which, regrettably, has been lost.


Egyptian tattoo designs consist of vivid colorations, having a attractive shine and elaborate artistry. Essentially the most inspirational Egyptian tattoo designs are usually extracted from the hieroglyphics (the pictographic language from the Egyptians) sphinxes, black sinewy cats, a ram or hawk head on a lion’s body, phoenix, scarab and beetles camels.


Contemporary Egyptian tattoo designs are made of images which are taken from ancient Egyptian art, maintained as the different parts of the pyramids along with other structures.

Mythological Egyptian tattoo designs include Isis, Osiris, Hours, Bastet, Amun, Anubis, Cleopatra and so on.

     egyptian-tattoo-designs-Isis                    egyptian-tattoo-designs-Osiris

The earliest identified tattoo is definitely an image from the demi-god Bes.

The ancient Egyptian god, Bes, who may not have originated in Egypt but who was certainly made into a pure Egyptian god, had numerous attributes which changed with time.

In the Old Kingdom, he was shown to be connected with fertility, circumcision and different harvest rituals.

Through the Middle Kingdom, he had evolved into a protector of the home, newborns and new mothers and also was a protector of pregnant women.

The actual Ankh tattoo designs for example, are made of an old symbolic representation that’s imbued with a mysterious protection.

The particular Ankh is known as a cross sign which predates the Christian cross from at least thousand years.

egyptian-tattoo-designs-ankhThe Ankh cross is similar to the Latin cross design having a rounded element at the top of the cross. It’s the hieroglyphic sign for life.

The Ankh cross design is an extremely versatile tattoo graphic; it can also be smaller than average individually distinct or simply bigger and definitely breathtaking.

egyptian-tattoo-designs-HorusBesides Ankh tattoo designs, the Eye of Hours tattoo must be the preferred Egyptian art tattoo designs.

The Eye of Hours is known as a protection symbol (from the god Hours).

Eye of Ra tattoo designs look just like Eye of Hours designs since the gods Ra and Hours became one.

Ra was the sun god, that’s why Eye of Hours tattoo designs often include a sun in their structure.


Eye of Hours tattoo designs certainly are a common form of gang tattoos, for protection from other gangs and back stabbers.

Found in the ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis stands out as the god of the dead. He’s got a physique of a person and the head from a jackal.

In one hand he wears an Ankh cross, in the other a stick. Anubis tattoo designs represent protection from death.

He takes names in connection with his funerary role, such as He who is upon his mountain, which underscores his importance as a protector of the deceased and their tombs.

egyptian-tattoo-designs-bennuThe Egyptian phoenix is called Bennu, a mythological bird that is the soul of Ra, the sun God.

Bennu created itself out of the ashes of a holy tree that stood nearby the temple of Ra. It looks like a heron bird. Phoenix tattoo designs symbolize rebirth.

Phoenix tattoo designs are signs associated with rebirth and even resurrection. The phoenix is seen as a mythological firebird while it began with, Egyptian and Greek mythology.

Generally, the story is the bird lives for 1,000 years at a time. Upon the conclusion of the 1,000 years, it creates a nest made out of myrrh twigs and fires the nest, as well as itself.

Once the burning is done, a brand new phoenix rises from the ashes after three days, to live for an additional 1,000 years.

The story is frequently altered and modified based on the region where it originates from however the meaning is always the same, the purpose of the story is to show that the bird does actually rise again.

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