Examples of wrist tattoos?

By | February 4, 2014

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I would like to get a tattoo on my wrist of a tree, to symbolize growth, life, change, love of nature. I've always had a fascination with trees since I was younger, I'm only 17 now but I'm pretty sure I'd like to get one.

I'm really into art so I think I'd like to design it myself and then maybe talk over the design with the tattoo artist to improve upon it.

I'm probably going to wait a year or so. I was just wondering if you've seen any good examples of a tree wrist tattoo, I want to see what size, shape, style, looks best. Make sure I love the final product.

Anyways, thanks 🙂

I have an elaborate wrist tattoo, so I will tell you what I know from experience. Try to stay away from the wrinkly area close to your hand – a little bit higher on the wrist makes a huge difference with the healing. Make sure that you have good skin space around lines. Ask for a 'fine line needle' if you have very much detail. Also, while healing, try using your other hand as much as possible and not twisting and stretching the tat with normal activity.

Here is a site about 'wrist tattoos':


Consider having the tree grow up towards your head, so that when you have your arm hanging down, the tree roots will be towards the ground.

here's tree wrist tattoos that I found:


I like this one:


here's the 1st Google Image page for 'drawings of trees':


Take your time, try putting your image on your wrist and moving your hand and arm around, because there's 2 bones that actually cross as you move and this changes location of anything on the skin. Try it, it is amazing how the placement changes as you raise and lower your arm and turn your hand. Take this into consideration also.

good luck

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