Face Painting Ideas For Different Events

By | February 16, 2014

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Face painting has been employed since centuries for decoration, spirituality, costuming, dramatic performance and enjoyment at different events. It is equally famous among the people of all the ages. It turns you to anything or anybody you wish. Kids, men and women paint their faces with different designs to make their celebrations more interesting and enjoyable.

Face painting is common at the events like Halloween party, birthday party, Christmas, dress shows, school fete and other themed parties. For children birthday parties, face painting is most interesting event. It makes the party a big hit. Cheek art and the temporary tattoos can be time saving ideas. Children paint their faces according to their passion. They are fanatical about the famous cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Ninja turtles, Mickey Mouse, Monsters, Batman, Darth maul and Santa. Girls mostly like to paint fairies, stars, butterflies, bunnies and rainbow cats. In the adult birthday parties, face painting is done according to the theme of the party like angels and demons.

There are many fantastic face painting ideas for a themed party. The parties having themes like Harry porter, Snow white and causality bring a lot of fun through face painting. In such parties, you have to tailor the imagination according to the theme.

In Harry Potter parties, the participants are dressed and painted according to the particular character. In the

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