Face Tattoo

By | September 10, 2013

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Face Tattoo
Why To Not Tattoo
This Area of Your Body


Having a face tattoo is definitely a serious lifetime commitment and is really a big decision that requires careful thought before you move!.


Now, I guess that you’re thrilled that you have decided to have a facial area tattoo. Is it your very first one?

Did you realize what you are going to do?

Often it is simply a decision to rebel against the norm; in other cases it’s really an authentic need to force limitations and free people’s minds towards a new direction.

No matter what the particular reason is for selecting a face art tattoo, there’s no doubt: it will get some kind of reaction….but not always a positive one!.

The face is probably the most challenging area of the whole body for needling.

Facial body art elicits an automatic reaction from people in the community; automatically those with facial tattoos are considered extreme and provocative.

Some may even say that it is “just plain dumb” – many are unable to understand why somebody would tattoo his face.

Nearly all parts of the body can be covered up, except for the face.  Unless you put on some sort of ski face mask, your tattoo is always going to be on display.

Quite a few well-known folks, who have opted for facial tattoos, incongruously are top notch sports athletes:

David Clinger Tattoos: Clinger is a highly ranked cyclist and he is possibly the most extreme of the face inked sports stars; he has a full tribal tattoo design over his entire face.


Mike Tyson Tattoos: By far the most popular boxer, he’s got a tribal tattoo design on the side of his face which wraps around one eye.


Among rappers, Lil Wayne is probably the most talked about with respect to body tattoo designs. This excellent rap artist has got countless tats on his entire body and his face.


Concerns for Face Tattoo designs:

Concern does exist about getting face tattoos and there should be even more concern about them.

There is absolutely no covering up and no turning back.

At one point, there was even some sort of statistic out which reported, unfortunately, that there was a high incidence of suicide among people with facial tattoos.

As a result of this, and for other good reasons, a lot of tattoo artists have a tendency to refuse to provide face tats.

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