Facial Hair Removal Cream

By | February 6, 2014

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Facial hair removal creams are a big hit with women, yes, the whole world knows that. But how many of you are aware of the fact that these products, slowly but surely, are now finding takers among the male community as well? Do I see a raised eyebrow, or maybe a wry smirk? Well, as ‘pro-feminine’ or obsessively metrosexual as it may seem, nevertheless, it is true. So, on that note, let me set about educating you a little bit regarding creams meant for the removal of facial hair, both for women and men.

Removing Hair From Face

Facial hair removal creams are one of many hair removal methods that are used for dealing with facial hair. Some of the alternative facial hair removal methods used are:

  • Shaving
  • Bleaching
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Tweezing
  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

As far as women are concerned, shaving is the least preferred of all facial hair removal options, simply because, it can make the skin rough, it can lead to rashes, razor nicks, cuts, and most importantly, the hair grows back faster and much thicker than before. Regarding waxing, threading and tweezing, these are also quite popular as facial hair removal methods, but they can be quite painful and can cause skin irritation and/or scarring. Laser treatment and electrolysis are hair removal methods that are considered by people who have thick or severely visible hair in unwanted body areas. However, these hair removal methods can be very expensive and they too, have their fair share of side effects. Depilatory creams i.e. hair removal creams have been around since ages. Earlier, they were used mainly by women, but in the last few years, they have also started gaining acceptance by members of the male community. Here is some information on how these hair removal creams work.

Depilatories for Face

Regardless of whether the product is intended for women or for men, it basically works in the same manner. Depilatory creams work on the principle of ‘chemically burning’ the hair by breaking the protein content (keratin) of the hair follicle at the surface of the skin. These creams primarily contain chemicals such as sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate. The strength i.e. the concentration of these substances, and those of the other product ingredients can vary slightly, depending on whether the product is designed for male skin, female skin, extra-sensitive skin, etc. However, the method of application and use remains the same. After washing your face with soap and warm water, dry it with a towel. Then, using the spatula provided with the product, apply a generous layer of the cream over the facial hair. Do not rub it into your skin. After that, wait for the specified period of time (5 mins, 10 mins, etc). During this time, the chemicals present in the cream will break down the facial hair into a jelly-like mass. At the end of the specified period of time, you can clear the soggy mass with the help of a warm towel, or you can simply wash it off with warm water and mild soap.

Products from brands such as Nair, Avon, Surgi, GiGi, Guinot, etc. are good examples of facial hair removal creams. Facial skin is very sensitive as compared to say, the skin on your arms, legs, etc. So, when choosing a hair removal cream for your face, make sure that is specially formulated for facial skin.

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