Feather tattoo on the thigh?

By | February 1, 2014

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So I really want to get a tattoo on the side of my upper thigh of a feather. I was looking on the Instagram of the tattoo artist who did my first one and I saw this awesome design of a feather that I absolutely love, so since he's the one who did it I'm sure he could do it exactly how it looks. A few people have told me that they don't like the idea of it on my thigh but I already have a tattoo on my hip and ribs, I don't want anything on my shoulder or arms and I think it would look really cool on my thigh. I'm in shape and I have longer legs. I just want it high wnough to where part of it would only show if I was wearing shorts. I wish I could post the feather on here because it looks really sweet. What do you think of my idea?

If the picture was just a design, then go for it. If it was a picture of the tattoo on someone, or he drew it for a client that will be getting it done, don't. Taking someone's tattoo idea and getting it done on yourself is a scummy and unoriginal thing to do. If that is the case though, you could ask him to design your a similar tattoo, maybe with some added personal traits.

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