Female Celebrities with Tattoos

By | December 27, 2013

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Tattoos have become increasingly popular with many people around
the world in recent years. Many women, in particular, have recently
opted to have their bodies adorned with tattoos. Because life imitates
art, a large number of female celebrities in America and abroad, have
received tattoos, which they are quite often eager to display. The
various types of tattoos worn by female celebrities range from small
stars and flowers discreetly placed in an area that few would see, to
large and elaborate works that cover entire arms and other body parts.
Many fans of these various celebrities are curious as to what designs
their favorite celebrities’ bodies are adorned with. While some of the
tattoos and their wearers listed here are common knowledge among
many people, others may surprise the reader.
Presented here, is a guide which lists various female celebrities with
tattoos. The type of design and location of each tattoo is listed after
each celebrity’s name.

Christina Applegate..leaf and vine on ankles, bird and apple on
Avril Lavigne..star on wrist
Heather Locklear..heart and rose on ankle
Lindsay Lohan..wording and star on wrists, heart on hand, wording on
derriere, symbol on neck
Eva Longoria..cross on back, flower on derriere, star on wrist
Courtney Love..symbol on stomach, ankle tribal, back tattoo
Susan Saint James..ankle bracelet
Tatum O’ Neal..ankle bracelet, wording on arm
Rosie O’ Donnell..symbols on shoulder and ankle
Joan Jett..several tattoos
Goldie Hawn..heart on ankle
Daisy Fuentes..scorpion on ankle
Minnie Driver..heart on arm, rose on derriere
Dixie Chicks..each member has chick footprint on foot
Courtney Cox..horoscope symbol on abdomen
Kelly Clarkson..state of Texas outline on hip, cross on wrist, sunflower
on ankle
Lara Flynn Boyle..shamrock on groin
Chastity Bono..dragon on arm
Jessica Biel..dove on stomach
Julia Roberts..butterfly on back, symbols on shoulder
Sandra Bullock.. tribal belly tattoo
Pink..several tattoos
Kelly Ripa..flower on ankle
Jenifer Aniston..heart on stomach
Roseanne (Barr)
Pamela Anderson..several tattoos, including a barbed- wire armband
Angelina Jolie..several tattoos
Anna Kournikova..symbol on back
Anna Nicole Smith..several tattoos
Ashlee Simpson..wording and star on wrists, cherries on ankle,
symbol on finger
Janet Jackson..cartoon characters on abdomen, symbols on neck and
Penelope Cruz..ankle tattoo
Dolly Parton..butterfly on chest, angel on arm
Beyonce..angel on thigh
Britney Spears..several tattoos, including symbols on neck, symbols
on wrist and neck, flower and butterfly on feet, star on hand and cross
on hip.
Charlize Theron..fish on ankle, flower on foot
Christina Aguilera..several tattoos
Christina Ricci..several tattoos
Kate Hudson..foot tattoo
Jessica Alba..flower on wrist, back tattoo, ladybug and flower on neck
Kate Moss..crown on shoulder, heart on hand
Gillian Anderson..Sanskrit symbol on wrist, turtle on ankle
Nicole Richie..several tattoos, including wings on back and ballerina
Reese Witherspoon..star on hip
Paris Hilton..tattoo removed from derriere, possible back tattoo
Nicky Hilton..wording on back, cross on neck, hearts on wrist and
Victoria Beckham..initials on wrist, script and stars on back
Halle Berry..flower tattoo on derriere
Lucy Liu..tiger tattoo on lower back
Mandy Moore..foot tattoo
kd Lang..anchor on shoulder
Drew Barrymore..moon on foot, cross on ankle, flowers on hip,
butterfly on stomach
Gwyneth Paltrow..back tattoo
Cyndi Lauper..cat on ankle
Marisa Tomei..symbol on foot
Carrie Underwood..cat on hip

ankle tattoo

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