Finger Tattoo Designs

By | June 2, 2013

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Typically finger tattoo designs are likely on the most exposed body parts and are therefore regarded as probably the greatest areas for you to show off your fine art.


However, many would argue that since there is almost no room on the fingers there are restricted choices for tattoo designs.

Please bear in mind, there are lots of choices for patterns and designs that may be used to make finger tattoos.

On the other hand, many don’t want to get even larger tats designed on their bodies because they may not be accepted in many societies.

These folks choose the finger tattoo designs as they are tinier and are not as eye-catching!

Finger Tattoo Designs Suggestions

As stated before, there are specific patterns and motifs you can use to make finger tattoos. Listed below are a fraction of the preferred ones that still get attention even though the designs are quite simple.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Anytime someone proposes a finger tattoo, you can’t help but think about wedding finger tattoos and / or ring finger tattoos.

Tats can be created for the ring finger, i.e., the 3rd finger on the left hand.


At the same time, this is certainly no replacement for the particular engagement ring; quite a few young couples believed to be it as an incomparable way to demonstrate their unique love and commitment to each other simply by wearing ring or wedding band tattoos.

Name Tattoos


Folks really like inscribing their own and their beloved’s initial or names around the fingers in a tattoo.

With a little effort, it’s possible to come up with unique symbol applications and to draw reduced customized designs.

Vine Tattoos

Vine tattoos are probably the most widely used tattoo designs.

This can be used within the layout in order to have a nice and stylish tattoo design.

Alternative Texts

Motivational words, quotes, Asian symbols or loving texts can even be created on fingers.

Finger tattoos styles likewise incorporate faith based text messaging.

Among the list of very widely used texts are:


  • Love
  • Good – Luck
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Hate
  • Faith
  • Stay
  • Care

Often these will be coupled with variations which represent these types of words, such as a heart or peace sign.

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