Fish Tattoo Designs – Find Your Unique Design Today

By | February 9, 2014

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If you are a Fish tattoo enthusiast, then there is a variety of options available for you. Fishes have been known to us humans since the existence of life. They also represents or symbolizes different meanings in different countries of the world and this is the same with the tattoo. Fish forms an essential part of life in most countries, hence the popularity of the design amongst tattoo lovers from all over the world.

The different types of designs available are amongst other the Koi, Shark, Beta and Christian. The most popular design is the Koi fish tattoo which originated in Japan and is today ruling the world. This type of tattoo symbolizes good luck. The Koi fish tattoo design, which faces upwards, reflects stringiness, which means you are trying to achieve your goals in life and it is taking you a long time to succeed. This design also symbolizes victory or the ability to win and come out on top after a very long battle. If you can identify with such a situation, then get yourself inked with the Koi fish tattoo with its revealing colors and independent nature.

Another popular Fish tattoo design is the Beta fish tattoo which symbolizes aggression in order to boost up a fighting spirit. If you are a born fighter, then this is a suitable tattoo for you. The attractive colors used in the design, makes this tattoo even more stunning.

Another popular design which is preferred by a majority of tattoo lovers, is the Shark tattoo design. We all know that a shark can be a brutal creature and therefore this design is seen with this negativity attached to it. But, it is not all negative; sharks also have some positivity associated with them. Some people prefer to get inked with this design to show their respect towards the sea and their ancestors. Although Shark designs are not common, but if they are applied with skill and care, they are very attractive and stunning.

The Christian fish tattoo design is another popular tattoo. If you are a Christian who love your religion, then this one will be suitable for you in order to exemplify your affection towards your religion. These tattoos are very simple in appearance but yet so attractive. Amongst all the above Fish tattoo designs, the Dolphin fish tattoo is also very popular amongst a vast amount of tattoo lovers.

Now that you have decided on your choice of Fish tattoo design, the question to consider next is which part of your body to get these tattoos inked. Your wrists, feet or shoulder blades are excellent locations on the body for placing them. If you have decided on a very large one, then your back would be the most appropriate. In the case of women, they prefer to be inked on their lower backs as this looks very sexy and seductive. Men are known to boast with their tattoos on their arms, chest and back. There are innumerous tattoo designs available for you to choose from. It is your personal choice to select the colors, size, location and style of the tattoo. It is very important to hire the services of an experienced, skilled and professional tattoo artist. Please ensure that you also check out the medical aspects of having a tattoo, before you get yourself inked.

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