Flower Tattoo Designs and Their Hidden Meanings

By | December 27, 2013

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Flower tattoo is one of the oldest designs used in inking. The history of flora artworks can be traced back as early as the beginning of tattoo making itself. As flowers have inspired the mankind for many generations, flower tattoo designs are always timeless, stylish and fashionable.

Flowers are often associated with the nature and beauty. They are also symbols of life and vitality. The different flowers with a variety of colors carry different connotations, and most of the hidden meanings behind the flowers are favorable in most cultures around the world.

Flower tattoo designs are very stretchable. You can find a multitude of artworks in different shapes and sizes that can suit your body placement. Almost all body locations are perfect for flower designs. Some of the popular spots to ink are the upper arms, ankles, stomach, shoulders, lower back, upper back and wrists. You can never be wrong to ink a flora emblem.

Listed below are the meanings of the common flowers.

  1. In the West, the red rose tattoo represents love and passion while a red rose bud signifies youth.
  2. Lotus flower tattoos are popular in the East representing love and good fortune. It also symbolizes the clarity of heart and mind.
  3. Lily flower tattoos depict the radiant soul of Virgin Mary, virginity and purity.
  4. Daisy tattoos stand for childlike innocence and loyal love.
  5. Hibiscus tattoo is a symbol of delicate beauty.
  6. Sunflower tattoo represents someone who is splendid.
  7. Orchid tattoo signifies the strength, beauty, love and wealth.

You can visit our blog for a full compilation of the meanings of different flower tattoo designs.

The flora tattoo can make out of a single flower, or combine with other elements such as a heart, butterfly, hummingbird and vine creating a truly amazing and exceptional artwork. Before deciding on your perfect design, try to see through as many artworks as possible to get inspired on creative design ideas. This can prevent you from regretting the tattoo later.

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