Flower Tattoos and Their Meanings

By | December 29, 2013

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Flowers are always pleasing for the eyes and we see them all around us. Therefore, it is natural to find flowers making their way in tattoo designs as well. Each of these tattoos and their meanings have led them to becoming very popular among woman.


Flower Tattoo Designs

Floral tattoo designs are very pretty and feminine. Along with feminine grace, there is a wide range of variety and style that is available. These tattoos can be small and delicate or you can choose them to be big, colorful, eclectic and bold. Often the tattoos on foot and ankle are delicately made. Women prefer to choose single flowers as tattoos for feet but a chain of flowers also makes a wonderful sight. Floral tattoos are not only popular among women but tattoo designs like Hawaiian flowers are also popular among men. These are combined with tribal tattoo designs or with skull, daggers and cross motifs when made on men. If a woman chooses to get a larger tattoo made, flowers may be combined with vines, ladybugs, butterflies and hummingbirds to add some zing.

Floral Tattoos and Their Meanings

Now let’s turn towards the meanings of these tattoos. Among the flowers that are inked, roses have a special place. They are also the oldest and most popular flower designs. Roses hold different connotations for different people. We will look at the traditional meanings attached to roses. Roses were identified with the Goddess Aphrodite for the Greeks and Romans and, therefore, it denotes love and beauty. For the Christians, roses symbolize the Virgin Mary while the ancient Egyptians used roses to worship Goddess Isis who stood for an ideal mother and wife. The most popular among roses are the red roses. They symbolize love and romance and, at the same time, they also stand for courage. The pink color is always looked at as feminine. Pink rose tattoos symbolize grace and admiration. If you want to get a tattoo made, which would stand for eternal love and innocence, then you should get a white rose inked on yourself. Rosebuds, on the other hand, mean beauty and youth.

Cherry blossoms are an important flower design for girls. They are supposed to be very feminine. In China, cherry blossom tattoos denote feminine beauty and love. On the other hand, in Japan, they aptly symbolize the transience of life as cherry blossoms bloom for a very short time.

The other common floral tattoo designs are those of the lily flower. Generally, a lily flower stands for purity. However, there are many different kinds of lilies and lily tattoo designs. The meaning of lily tattoo designs mean different in different cultures. In the medieval times, a lily stood for innocence while in ancient Egypt, a lily symbolized fertility. Tiger lilies stand for pride and prosperity, orange lilies denote hatred while the calla lily stands for beauty.

Lotus tattoos are a favorite with many people because of their meaning. The meaning of a lotus flower lies in where it grows. It floats on muddy water. Similarly, lotus tattoo denotes purity of the wearer’s soul which survives despite being surrounded by the murky waters of society. In India and China, spiritual awakening is denoted by a lotus. It is also seen in Japanese tattoos but the meaning in Japanese context is unclear.

I think only sunflower designs have different meanings depending upon their size. Of all the flower designs, sunflower tattoos are the only ones which are bigger and bolder. A small sunflower stands for adoration and a big one is a symbol of loyalty. These tattoos are said to be the ones which have the greatest impact because of their sheer size and bright, bold color.

Daisy tattoos are very common floral designs for the feet, ankles and shoulders. They are very delicate and pretty as they keep up with the feminine and lady-like appearance. These tattoos are usually very small. Daisy tattoos denote innocence, loyalty in faith, love and purity.

Very few are aware that the hibiscus flower design is also used to make tattoos. The state flower of Hawaii is red hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers are often red or yellow in color. A hibiscus tattoo symbolizes being consumed by love or a delicate beauty.

Some of the other floral tattoos are forget-me-not flowers. It is an old belief that people who wear this tattoo are not forgotten by their lovers. Orchids stand for something mysterious while violets mean faithfulness and modesty. Most floral tattoos have a feminine meaning attached to it and, therefore, are a big hit with women.

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