Flower Tattoos on Back

By | January 13, 2014

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Flower tattoo patterns are very exquisite, feminine, colorful, soft, delicate and pretty, hence they are a big hit with girls and women alike. One of the reasons, women choose to get small them on their backs is because, these designs can be updated some time later as well and more elaborate designs can also be made of these small designs.

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Hawaiian flower tattoos have beautiful, exotic and interesting. The best part of these designs is that they are not as common as rose tattoos, lotus or lily floral tattoo designs. Very often women, who have their cultural links to Hawaii like to get themselves inked with these tattoo designs. There are some, who get Hawaiian flower tattoos, to remember the unforgettable time they had spent at the island. The most popular flowers used in these designs are hibiscus, plumeria and orchid flower designs. Hibiscus flower stands for delicate beauty, because these flowers bloom only for a short period everyday. Hibiscus flowers are also called ‘flower of an hour’. Orchid and plumeria flowers symbolize a number of things inclusive of love, beauty, thoughtfulness and wisdom. These tattoo designs are usually combined with tribal tattoo style, with thick black lines and it has little accent of color or detail. These Hawaiian tattoos are used only on the lower back or only on the upper back or as full back tattoo designs.

Cherry blossom, calla lily, hibiscus, etc. are other commonly used flowers for tattoos. Each one of them denotes something significant. Cherry blossoms signify spiritual beauty, on the other hand calla lily stands for maiden modesty. The ink used to do these tribal tattoos designs is often black or red.

These days a lot of women want to break away from the regular designs and they do this by getting lotus tattoos. This design is used usually on the lower back. The beauty of these tattoo designs lies in the fact, that they can be placed anywhere on the back and at the same time, they can be sized. These designs are usually full of brilliant color, which makes it a wonderful design, that stands out. It is normally enhanced with vines, water or even certain religious symbols. In the Buddhist and Hindu culture, a lotus flower denotes the symbolic journey of a person’s soul towards enlightenment. These lotus tattoos are now a symbol of exotic beauty, power, change and strength, along with the symbol of journey of the soul.

Japanese flower designs are also used widely for back tattoos. Cherry blossom, called Sakura, is one of the most commonly used flowers. Along with the cherry blossom, the other flowers used to design the back are plum blossom, lotus flower and azalea.

Among the other very commonly used flower designs to make tattoos are lilies. The stargazer lilies are the most famous among them. These flowers have a lot of meaning and significance attached to them, since the ancient times. In Greece, the stargazer lilies symbolized sexuality. These lily flowers also have distinct positions in the Christian belief system as well. It denotes Mother Mary’s purity.

While choosing your flower tattoo design, you will have to do some research. We have just seen that these flower tattoos have different meanings attached to them. According to your personality you can choose these designs to denote your personality traits.

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