Foot Tattoo Designs – Best Tattoos For Foot and Ankle

By | February 8, 2014

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Let’s start off from the beginning, what are the most popular designs for foot tattoos? Well for starters, popular designs for women tend to be flowers, stars, butterflies, and cute animals. However for both sexes, there are a variety of tattoo designs that are widely popular

Men may get foot tattoos of some religious reference, a tribal tattoo, or animals on their foot. There isn’t a set barometer of what gender gets what – it all depends on the owner of what tattoo they get.

Ankle Tat Ideas

Many people think of the ankle tattoo as something women and girls get. That’s why it’s hard to find “masculine” images and tend to find feminine images – or at least images that society links with women.

These images include flowers, butterflies, hearts, and others. Also, getting anime characters, hearts, kanji writing, and other designs on the ankle are common as well.

Many people believe that the ankle is not a painful place to get a tattoo – however, it is one of the more painful places to get a tattoo as there is not much fat between the skin and bone.

High ankle tattoos are not that painful, but the lower you go, the more pain you’ll feel – so be sure that you know exactly where you want to get your tat!

Both foot and ankle tattoos are great places to get them because they can be covered up if you want them to. You can simply where a higher sock, some longer pants, some nice fit jeans, or whatever – that’s why many tattoo rookies and tattoo vets get ankle tattoos, either because of their convenience or style!

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