Foot Tattoo Designs

By | July 5, 2013

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Foot Tattoo Designs
Great Area for Sexy Tattoo


Are you currently thinking about or shopping for the perfect foot tattoo designs?



Tats are definitely the latest ‘must have’. People want them and it seems that to be cool you need to have a minimum of one.

The issue here is not everybody wishes to be obvious about it which means you must be very careful about where on your body you are tattooed.


The best way is probably to choose a foot tattoo. Your feet are an increasingly fashionable area to have a tattoo.

Maybe you would like at least one which is very feminine and sexy and perhaps a lovely girly tattoo design?

There are countless options and there is a wide range of patterns so you should easily be able to come up with something exceptional and exclusive to you.

Foot Tattoo Designs

foot-tattoo-designs-snakeOnce you begin looking for a foot tattoo design the only constraint you will have will be the dimension.

Considering that the foot isn’t a large canvas you need to ensure that your layout will be small in size. Generally tattoos will be sized nicely to suit this specific zone.

When you look for tattoo styles try to look for designs which are usually tiny by nature.

Below are a few suggestions that are usually helpful regarding foot tattoo designs:

Foot tattoos tend to be much less fancy than those for other locations which is essential for people who don’t wish to be too obvious concerning their body fine art.

  • Foot tattoos are great to show off when you wish to, and to cover up when you really need to.
  • An additional significant aspect is the fact that a skillfully specially designed tattoo design on the foot will look wonderful with current shoe styles – particularly wide open toes and strappy sandals.
  • Few males have foot tattoos, mostly because there are plenty of other areas on the male body which are much easier to work on.
  • Foot tats will most certainly be more painful compared to those on far more fleshy areas of the body – this is why many artists are unwilling to do them.
  • Veins are closer to the surface and they will possibly bleed more however an excellent tattoo artist using perfect equipment will be able to minimize this.
  • You will need to be ready to take extra care of your foot tattoo, through the healing period as well as in general.
  • They’re much more susceptible to infection which is why some artists are often reluctant to do them.
  • A new tattoo must be kept clean, dry and also totally free of any kind of irritation while it heals.
  • Consequently, boots, shoes, stockings and socks need to be avoided for a minimum of one, and ideally two weeks after the tattoo is done.
  • Your physician should be contacted immediately if you experience any kind of pain or sign of infection with a new foot tattoo.
  • Even after a foot tattoo has recovered nicely it still sometimes gets rubbed by footwear and may lose color faster than tattoos in other areas.
  • It is recommended to start using a very good moisturizer and some touch ups may even be needed after. Sun screen lotion is just as essential for foot tattoos as it is for other tattoos on the rest of your body.


Tats tend to be much more of a fashion item today and so are recognized as an art form themselves.

Foot tattoos are the option for a person who desires a tattoo that is unique as well as discreet.

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