For Unwanted Body Art – Know the Basics of Laser Tattoo Removal

By | December 30, 2013

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Did you know that the svelte Transformer’s star Megan Fox has a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right arm. Unfortunately, she is in the process of laser tattoo removal, as she seemed to have grown over it and does not want to attract negative energy.

Hundreds of people resort to removal of their body art every year due to their individual reasons, much like their favorite Hollywood stars. The laser removal of tattoo gained popularity only in the nineties as prior methods included cover-ups that dealt with covering an old tattoo with a new one.

The following articles aims to highlight various questions people have about tattoo removal with the help of laser.

How does lasers helps to remove tattoos?
The laser therapy helps to remove tattoos with the help of energy in the form of highly concentrated colored beams. These beams when directed towards the ink of the tattoo, helps to break it in smaller particles that are later easily removed with the help of scavenging cells of the body in the detoxification process. The depth of the ink decides the number of sessions required with the deeper inks requiring more time. Although there are no incisions, the process is painful and may lead to blisters due to the high intensity of light used.

Can laser remove all types of tattoos?
With over more than half of Americans resorting to the removal of tattoos, laser tattoo removal has become the standard procedure for tattoo removal. This therapy does not assure the removal of all tattoos, as the superior technology and professional artists in the last decade led to these inks being permanent along with long lasting imprints. A minor amount of residual scarring is prevalent even while using the best laser removal techniques. New tattoos are hard to be removed because of the density of the ink and may require multiple laser sittings.

Who can be an ideal candidate for tattoo removal?
The process of laser therapy is dependent on factors such as age of the tattoo, skin, location and size for the effective removal of tattoos. Those with lighter skins and superficial tattoos on arms, legs and chest are ideal candidates for removal whereas tattoos on ankles and fingers are difficult to remove due to lack of fat cells. A tattoo removal specialist helps to provide candid advice over the success of the removal of a specific tattoo.

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