Forearm Tattoo Designs

By | August 29, 2013

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Forearm tattoo designs have been popular for a long time and are examples of the great care and commitment of the individual towards theirtattoo design.


This specific area offers a tremendous size range and a forearm is without a doubt perfectly shaped for any tattoo layout.

One can enjoy forearm tats at the top side of the forearm or by the bottom of the forearm if you choose to be discreet.


As tribal dragon tattoos can be massive in size and call for a large area, what better spot for a dragon tattoo than your forearm?

Dragons stand for strength, protection and trustworthiness. Dragon tattoos are extremely masculine and look terrific on guys.

Portrait tattoo designs certainly are all the rage within the body art world these days.

You can have the face of a loved one or perhaps an image of a superstar or of your very own hero as a forearm tattoo.

Portrait body art is great for the forearm.

Sometimes only the face of the individual is used for the portrait and sometimes it is a full body picture.

Typically, women’s forearms are smaller than men’s.

Forearm tattoo designs for girls look great only when they’re sized correctly.

Try thinking about more compact tattoo designs for your forearm, ladies!

Nautical star tattoos tend to be smaller sized and look lovely on a woman’s forearm.

Blending a nautical star along with a wing pattern is a nice choice.

Young ladies enjoy living in their particular wonderland world time to time and if you’re among those girls, tats associated with fairies and angel tattoos will be eye-catching on your forearms.

For a spectacular look, one can get a single shade old magician tattoo design.

A golden unicorn tattoo, phoenix tattoo or a Greek Mythology tattoo could also be an attractive choice for a forearm tattoo design.


Roses and butterflies are good choices for very feminine girls. Flower body art can be inked with a wide variety of shades on your forearm.

Rose tattoo designs can either be just a red or violet rose or a sophisticated layout with flowers blended with grape vines wrapped around your forearm.

You can also choose layouts like orchids and daisies for a brighter look!

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