Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns

By | February 4, 2014

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Cross stitching is a relaxing hobby, perfect for those cold winter months. This holiday season, why not add a few Kwanzaa-related designs to your craft portfolio? Even if you don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, the bold colors and funky designs make for interesting needlepoint designs. Here are 10 places online offering free Kwanzaa cross stitch patterns.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: CyberStichers
This website has a nice candelabra design in traditional Kwanzaa colors with “Happy Kwanzaa” stitched at the bottom. This full-color simple design only uses 5 colors, so it’s great for the beginning crafter.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Rania’s Cross Stitch Creations
This site doesn’t have Kwanzaa-specific cross stitch patterns, but it does offer a lot of interesting floral designs that could easily be turned into a Kwanzaa needlepoint by using lots of red, green, and black.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Free Patterns Online:
This site has a lot of inspirational phrases as cross stitch patterns, many of which would work great as a Kwanzaa cross stitch pattern. Think of the seven principles of Kwanzaa and use any of these sayings that you think apply.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Jan Brett
This site has a nice lion cross stitch design. By changing up the flower colors to red, black, and green, this would easily make a lovely Kwanzaa pattern. This design is quite complex, perfect if you want a challenging craft project.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns:
Here’s another Kwanzaa candelabra from This pattern full color, making it easy for you to visualize your finished product. It comes complete with a DMC color key, so you’ll know exactly what DMC embroidery floss to buy to correctly complete this cross stitch project.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Craft Designs for You:
While this site doesn’t offer any Kwanzaa-specific designs, they have an excellent numbers and letters repository for free. If you’re simply making a design that says, “Happy Kwanzaa”, you’ll want to check this out to get the lettering designs for free.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Altia Designs:
This site has a lovely selections of decorative motifs-by using red, green, and black, these motifs would definitely work well for a Kwanzaa cross stitch pattern.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Dawn’s Cross Stitch Patterns:
Here’s a bunch of cute designs that could be made into Kwanzaa cross stitch crafts, with a little imagination. For each design, there’s a downloadable zip file with everything you need, as well as a link to view the finished design. These patterns range in difficulty, so you’ll find something for every cross stitch level.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Cross Stitchers Club
This website has a huge selection of free cross stitch patterns. However, there’s nothing Kwanzaa-specific, but if you use your imagination (and the right colors), lots of these designs would work. There’s some great wildlife designs, floral designs, and lettering patterns that you could use in a Kwanzaa needlepoint.

Free Kwanzaa Cross Stitch Patterns: Stitching the Night Away:
Here’s an excellent website with fun & free cross stitch designs. Again, you’ll have to use your imagination and creativity, as no special Kwanzaa-only designs are here, but there are plenty of symbols, design motifs, and wildlife designs from which to choose. All of these designs are printable, making it easy to take from the computer screen to your fabric.

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