Friendship Tattoo Ideas

By | January 13, 2014

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Many best friends make the decision to get tattoos in honor of their friendship. If you have made the decision to get a friendship tattoo, you may be trying to decide what to get. While some friends know what type of tattoo is suitable for their friendship, others need some guidance. Here are some friendship tattoo ideas to take into consideration.

Popular Friendship Tattoo Ideas – Matching Tattoos or Symbols

Matching tattoos are one of the most popular options among friends. Choose a tattoo design that you both love and get it in the same location. Wrist and foot tattoos are very popular friendship tattoo locations because you put them next to each other. When opting for a matching tattoo, it is ideal to consider a different color scheme so that your tattoos will be somewhat different.

Another one of the most popular friendship tattoo ideas is matching symbols. Many opt for the Chinese symbol for friendship, but you can also consider any word that means something to the two of you. The biggest consideration about matching symbols is that there is a chance that you could have the wrong symbol tattooed on you. If you are considering this type of friendship tattoo, it is ideal to consult a Chinese-speaking individual to make sure that the symbol you have found online is accurate.

Unique Friendship Tattoo Idea – Symbol of Your Friendship

It is ideal to consider the way you met your best friend or something that you have in common. For example, did you meet during a school play of “The Wizard of Oz”? If so, a pair of ruby red slippers could make for a great friendship tattoo. Friends who regularly go on island vacations may want to consider a palm tree or sunglasses. Be sure to consider what best represents your friendship before deciding on a tattoo design.

Popular Friendship Tattoo Ideas – Matching Words

Another one of the most popular friendship tattoo ideas that you will want to consider is matching words. With this tattoo design idea, you will want to choose two words that are significant to the two of you. Some popular examples include “Hope” and “Faith” and “Love” and “Life.”

You might also consider choosing the same word or a matching quote for your friendship tattoo. It is important to choose the same type of wording, so that it is obvious that the two tattoos were done together. Also consider incorporating a butterfly, flower, star or something else that you both love in your tattoo design.

Unique Friendship Tattoo Idea – Half of a Tattoo

If you are looking for a really unique tattoo idea, it may be ideal to consider getting half of a tattoo. The way this works is by one of you getting the one half and the other getting the other half. This is one of the friendship tattoo ideas that will work the best on your foot. With this tattoo design, you will need to choose a symmetrical shape – such as a heart, star or a butterfly. When you put your feet together, you will be able to see a whole tattoo.

There are many great friendship tattoo ideas out there to choose from. The most important thing is to decide on a tattoo design that you and your friend both love. Also keep in mind that it is ideal to avoid getting your friend’s initials or name tattooed on you, as there is always a chance that you might one decide to call it quits on your friendship.

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