Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

By | July 2, 2013

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What about getting a full sleeve tattoo design in the near future?


Or perhaps you are just asking yourself what a full sleeve tattoo is!

Essentially it is just about any tattoo layout that covers most of your arm.

Having a full sleeve is a serious matter and should not be done without a lot of forethought.

When you are considering getting a sleeve tattoo design you need to think about the style, how long it’s going to take, as well as the monetary investment associated with it.

The main reason why sleeve tattoos are known as full sleeve tattoo designs?

Are you curious as to why it is known as a sleeve tattoo and exactly how it differs from other tattoos?

Traditionally, sleeve tattoo designs are executed on arms.

Tattoo lovers typically referred to them as “full sleeve” since it gives the impression of wearing long-sleeved clothing.

Presently there are several approaches to having a complete sleeve tattoo executed.

Perhaps the easiest strategy is when someone begins by one tattoo.

For example you might get a small heart or a fairy tattoo on your forearm and later you may get a tribal tattoo on the upper arm etc…

After a while these kinds of unique tats will cover a greater area of your arm and will gradually create a fantastic sleeve tattoo.

If you wish you can start directly with the full sleeve tattoo design and have it done over several visits.

There is no specific “correct” way to get a full sleeve tattoo design.

Having said that, most artists will advise their clients that if they wish to end up having a complete sleeve, that it’s much better to create the layout as one design from the beginning. Like this it will look much more natural.

Favorite Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Tribal sleeve tats are one of the best kinds of body sleeve art.


These are generally very popular choices for males and the vivid solid black outlines from a tribal pattern will look awesome.

If you are planning on getting a tribal sleeve tattoo design then you definitely need to carefully think about the particular trend you would like.

The majority of ethnicities have extremely detailed tattoo styles which might be reflected within current body art.

For instance, you can find a Maori structure or maybe a Hawaiian design as full sleeve.

Celtic full sleeve tattoo and Celtic knots can be worked into nice layouts.

full-sleeveThe sophisticated appearance of the intertwined knot-work will make a gorgeous sleeve design.

There are numerous distinct flower forms that be easily blended into your full sleeve tattoo creation.

Floral tattoo motifs are generally more popular with women but they can certainly be incorporated into sleeves for men too.

Classical Japanese themes make very colorful tattoo designs.

The Japanese enjoy a lengthy, favorable reputation for needling and themes from the Koi fish design, cherry blossoms, samurai etc. are frequently included to make extremely attractive full sleeve tattoo designs.

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