Gang Tattoos

By | November 7, 2013

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Gang tattoos are widely used among criminals and few non-criminal bikers to show gang association and also to record some particular wearer’s personal history, such as their achievements, beliefs, or areas of competence.


They’re also chosen to make a personal statement.

Specific layouts allow us to recognize certain coded symbolism. Often the code designs can be very complicated and because of the nature of the encoding, these tats usually are not identifiable by a non-gang member.

Widespread tattoo designs will be names of loved ones or perhaps gang affiliates, representations associated with violence, tats promoting a certain talent, and even Christian symbolism.

Probably one of the most well-known tats are the teardrop tattoo, which usually reveals the bearer has murdered.

Another popular tattoo design in American prisons are three dots on the top of the hand between the index finger and the thumb. The group of three is supposed to represent the Trinity.

In France, a layout of five dots like the dots for a dice represents the inmate within the four walls of a jail cell. This is typically tattooed on the hand likes in America.


Russian criminal tattoo designs have a relatively complicated structure associated with symbols which often can provides fairly precise details about the criminal.

Not only do the designs usually have meaning but also the part of the body where they are located will be important as well.

Most initiation tattoos of new gang members are generally put on the chest and will often include a rose.

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