Genital Tattooing

By | October 31, 2013

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Genital Tattooing….Ouch!

 Genital tattooing is actually the process associated with adding irreversible ink in a tattoo pattern to your skin in the genital area.

Even if body art in general has experienced an increase in worldwide recognition, specifically in North America, genital tats continue to be remarkably exceptional.


There are many possible reasons behind it: the genital location is actually hypersensitive and certain tattoo artists won’t make tats there for a variety of good reasons.

Generally there is more than one explanation as to why someone might consider getting their sex organs inked.

The decision is usually cosmetic, and genital body art has already been developed to simulate beautiful pelvic hair, to improve the look of male and female genitals, and to design original layouts within the genital region.

Some guys have integrated genital designs within a tattoo pattern in a way that their penis will be a portion of the entire layout pattern (for instance, like a “nose” inside an inked face or perhaps as the “trunk” of an elephant).

For ladies, tattoo artists have designed equivalent types, blending their particular genital area within inked creations such as faces animals or funny creatures.

This kind of exercise is definitely an integral part of needling such as integrating nipples or nostrils directly into creations.

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