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By | January 5, 2014

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Oh No!!!  You got hit with a virus, now what do you do?  You need a free virus scan and removal.  The first question we need to ask is, do you have an anti-virus program?  If you don’t, head down to #1 below.  If you do have an anti-virus program, head on down to #2 below.

1. I don’t have an anti-virus program, where can I get one fast and FREE?

You are my kind of people, why buy something when you can get it for free?  There are many very good FREE anti-virus programs out there, some that I have experience with are AVG, Avira and Avast and they can be downloaded on the companies website. Just do a Google search for “free avg” or “free avira” and you should find them or click on my link below and find them on my download page.  You can download and install either of these programs totally free.  Once you install them, you simply scan your computer, delete the viruses it finds, restart and scan again.  I always recommend two or three scans just to be sure you cleaned all the virus out.  If you have never installed or updated an anti-virus program and you have doubts about your ability, there are how-to videos available on the web.  You can find the videos on YouTube or from the link below.

2. I have an anti-virus program, now what?  Is your anti-virus program updated?  

New viruses come out all the time and you will need to be sure your anti-virus has the most recent files to help it find what you are infected with.  If you check around on the menu bar of your anti-virus program you should be able to find an option to update it.  Once you update the software, run a scan or two and see if it can remove the virus. If you got your anti-virus program free with your computer or a friend gave you a CD he had to install it, you could have gotten a trial version that is only good for 90 days.  If this is the case, the program will not update and probably has not been updated in a long time. I would recommend you remove this program and then go to option #1 above and install a free version.  If your antivirus does update and you ran a scan and did not find anything you might have malware instead of a virus.  Look for my next article about malware.

If neither of these two options helped you. Check out my Free Virus Scan and Removal website. You will find the latest virus news, anti-virus program reviews and almost anything else virus related you can think of.

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