Getting a Tattoo and Where to Put It!

By | September 13, 2013

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Getting a Tattoo and Where to Put It!

by Victor Valquez
(New York, USA)

Getting a Tattoo….many people, once they turn the age of eighteen decide that they want a tattoo. The reason for this is because once a person turns eighteen they are allowed to get a tattoo without any sort of parental or guardian signature and many people whose parents would not sign a release allowing them to get a tattoo do so on their eighteenth birthday as either a form of rebellion or simply because they have wanted a tattoo. There are a good amount of considerations that someone needs to mull over before actually going through with it and getting a tattoo.

First of all, an individual is going to want to decide how much they are willing to spend for their tattoo. This will immediately be a limiting factor, as if a person does not have a high budget than they will most likely not be able to get a big tattoo or one that encompasses complex tattoo designs.

Many times when a person goes to get a tattoo, they do not think about the cost that is associated with getting inked and there is a cost, typically the lowest amount that a person could pay for a tattoo is around forty dollars, and it only goes up from there. So, a person should pick out a tattoo that will fall within their budgetary limits.

Another thing that a person will need to consider is what kind of tattoo they want to get. There are obviously tons and tons of different kinds of tattoos that a person can get on their body. A person should really think hard about this because a tattoo is a permanent feature of them, for the most part, unless of course you get a semi-permananent tattoo.

A person does have the option to getting a tattoo removed, but it is an extensive process and fairly expensive as well as painful. So, when a person is getting a tattoo they should think long and hard about getting something that they will still want to have with them years and years down the road. This is not something that should be an impulsive decision by any means.

Another consideration that a person needs to make is where they would like that tattoo to be. This is another thing that a person should think about seriously as they will have the like the position that there tattoo is in. A person should also think if they want to have a very visible tattoo or one that is more easily hidden by clothes and therefore more discrete.

Where’s The Best Place To Get A Tattoo?

When a person decides to get a tattoo one of the most important decisions that they have to make about said tattoo is where exactly to get the tattoo on their body. There are many different places that a person can get a tattoo, but there are several factors that a person might want to consider before deciding on a place in which to actually get a tattoo.

First of all, a person might want to think about their future when deciding where to get a tattoo. For a younger person this might seem like something that is so far out of sight, but a tattoo is permanent and as such future plans should be a part of the consideration of where to get a tattoo.

A person who wants to work at a place that might frown upon having a very visible tattoo might want to think about getting a tattoo that would be very discrete and very easily hidden in the work place. There are tons of places in which a person could get a tattoo that would not be very noticeable and easily observed.

Another thing that a person might want to consider is how the particular tattoo that they want will look in different areas on their body. There are some places that a certain tattoo would just not look good in. A person should carefully consider what kind of tattoo they want to get and where it would look best on their body.

A popular place for people to get tattoos is on their wrist. This is a good place, but a person should be aware that they will obviously see it quite often and as such no person should get a tattoo that they would easily get very sick of looking at and not want to see after a while because a person will constantly be looking at their wrist. This can also not be easily hidden.

Another popular place for a person to get a tattoo is on their ankle. This can be a great place for a person to get a tattoo, but they will most likely want to get a smaller tattoo if they are going to place it on their ankle.

The back is another popular placement for a tattoo. There are many different places that a person can get a tattoo on their back at and it is also a place that can easily be covered in the work place, so this might be a good placement for a person who is concerned about that acceptability of getting a tattoo in their place of work.

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