Getting a Tattoo Nowadays

By | February 6, 2014

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Are you planning to get a tattoo? Do you have absolutely no idea what tattoo to get? Well, the first place to search for tattoo designs is, of course, the Internet. You will find lots of sites with tattoo galleries and studios, not to mention the useful articles from tattoo specialists and testimonials from tattoo lovers, if it’s your first tattoo. All of these will help you make a more informed decision.

You should get an unique one, but most of all, one to live with! Unlike jewelry, paintings etc., a tattoo cannot be taken away from us. We can ascribe personal values and meanings to the art work, without the fear of ever losing it. That permanent drawing remains as a mark of the emotions and happenings that we have once experienced.
The tattoo culture has it’s origins in ancient cultures, recognized as a mark of privilege or royalty. Through the centuries, somehow, it has become a negative image, “pagan”, and those that had tattoos were considered savages (like the African or Indian aborigines with tribal tattoos). Later on, tattoos were portrayed as an expression of rebellious strength.
Nowadays, tattooing has become not only stylish, but a symbol of conformity to certain ideas and beliefs, a symbol of belonging, even an individual status. With each generation, more and more people have it done and speak about the Tattoo Art and Tattoo Artists. Quite a change! Once, people who had tattoos were either powerful, or criminals. Now everyday Joe’s and Jane’s are walking around in their business suits that cover cross tattoos, girl tattoos or whatever. You will find the same black heart tattoo on your assistant’s hip as on your milkman’s neck.
Unfortunately, the reason for tattooing is not always for the appreciation of tattoos as works of art. The music videos and movies on TV today are full of celebrities showing off their painted-on (!) tattoos. We have to admit that the power of the media to influence our mind is part of the reason that tattoos have become so important for the mainstream culture in the United States. Every teenager is considering having done a Britney Spears tattoo. But that doesn’t change the fact that the new generation believes in the expression of their own personality (not that of their parents). By digressing away from the trends of the older generation, the youth of today makes a stand.

On the other hand, we can also say that the increase of the information, available through TV, Internet, magazines and other media, has brought about a totally different appreciation for tattoos. They have become works of art. The more types and designs, the more tattoos became a form of decoration. They are not only beautiful, they can also be incredible, noble works of art, considering the fact that those “decorated” with tattoos have gone through pain to attain the beauty.
However, getting a tattoo is, still, an experience that many people refuse to go through. Sitting in the seat with that high sound in your ear for at least an hour is mind altering for many of us. But that doesn’t change the increasingly popular trend of tattooing. At least once a day, we hear someone speaking about getting a new tattoo.
So, if you are one of them, then don’t hesitate to look for tattoo designs on the specialized websites, check out the tattoos gallery and pick the latest online store.

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