Getting a Tattoo? Try Black Panther Tattoos!

By | January 5, 2014

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Craving for wild tattoo designs? Do you want a design that can show your personality? Then, consider choosing black panther tattoos. Tattoos have been considered a form body art which allows one to express his/her inner persona. Animal designs were among those that people love to choose to represent their personalities. Choosing black panther tattoos is not that easy, though. You should at least make a thorough research about its meaning, the design to choose and where to place your tattoo.

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Here are a few tips to add in your research before getting inked:

  • Know what they symbolize. It is a requirement before getting a tattoo that you should know what your chosen design symbolize and what is its significance. Black panther tattoos, for instance, symbolize strength, power and leadership. This design is rather rare, so, seeing one inked in a person’s body means that he/she is brave enough to choose the design. For women, this tattoo design is also considered because of this animal’s distinctive personality of being loving and being a fierce protector to its cubs.

  • Designs for this tattoo may vary, depending on how you want it inked on you. The eyes can be colored if you don’t want it purely black. You can also place a background to make it more natural.

  • Locations can be a dilemma, but most people prefer to place the design on the arms, legs, back or the neck. Black panther tattoos can even cover for your old tattoos or scars. A panther’s head can cover round tattoos, climbing panther can conceal a vertical line tattoo or scars. And a crawling panther can cover for a horizontal scar or tattoo.

Why spend more time thinking about it? Be courageous and get your own black panther tattoo.

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