getting dragon tattoo any ideas?

By | February 5, 2014

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I am getting it on my wrist, and so far I have found one I like but if anyone has some other options that I most likely haven't seen that would be great! Also how much does the pain hurt on your wrist?

Truth you dont even have a tattoo and atleast 80% of the people in this section wish you would go ahead and croak off you senile old loony.

You call yourself a christian, go around using scare tactics based on how YOU feel others should be. Had you been born in 20s Germany you would have been a camp guard at auchwitz or burken you freak. You call it “Gods will” well I call it hypocrisy.

You can have a tattoo for many years and regret it, or you can spend your entire life in fear of breaking the law of an “imaginary friend”. Go back to the christian section… oh I forgot they dont like you there either. Dotard


Sorry for hijack I just enjoy poking at the rat in its cage. I think a wrist dragon tattoo would be nice, most dragon tattoos are on men or on the torso, few on the wrist. The fact that you are a girl makes it even cooler. I would get it ALL black in a NON asian style(been way overdone) with the body winding around your wrist. The wrist will hurt pretty bad a 7 out of 10 for me from experience. It however is NOTHING you “cant” handle. Remember its just scratching your skin barely enough to even draw a little blood. Most of the pain is your mind, pretend it doesnt hurt and most of the pain will go.

Great idea and dont let freaks who spend their entire lives stuck in a trailer singing lordy lordy scare you into not getting one. That person is an old wackjob who has no life, no friends and I take it no family. She has nothing but “god” and believes by harassing people she will be awarded later for it.

You can live your life in fear hiding from the light as “it” does. Or you can live life to the fullest and realize in 100 years whos gonna give a ****.

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