Greek Tattoo Designs

By | April 24, 2013

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Greek Tattoo Designs
Spectacular Eye-Catcher

 Greek tattoo designs will definitely be an outstanding and spectacular eye-catcher.

Surprisingly, tats used to be a kind of punishment in ancient Greece.

Today they’re a terrific way to show your style of life or simply your love of Greek traditions and mythology.


Greek Key Tattoos

greek-tattoo-designsbWhen it comes to traditional Greek and Roman architectural mastery, the key style and design were developed like an ornamental frontier.

Though associated with Greek tattoo designs, the key design is also recognized as being a progressive symbol of the circle of life.

There are many Greek key tattoo designs to choose from when you are ready to be inked. You might choose famous Greek words or a tattoo design representing mythological gods.

Greek Mythology

Mythological symbols along with goddesses and gods are wonderful selections for tattoo layouts.

For example, there are those that illustrate the very popular god Zeus and those that represent Venus – the goddess of natural beauty. Did you have a look at Ancient Greek mythology tattoo?

Greek Words and Phrases

Greek alphabet designs are really sophisticated and classy and are a terrific way to design a variety of motifs.

Some of the most frequently chosen are the old fashioned designs associated with fraternities or sororities such as: Sigma, Alpha, Delta, Beta and Phi.

A fascinating technique of mixing these types of alphabet signs along with terms is to blend sentences with other characters ie. gecko or tribal dragon tattoo designs.

Sentences can also be chosen for armbands or wristbands. One popular expression is “sunaph , elpis, agape” meaning strength, hope and love.

Greek mythology is rich in amazing tales associated with gods or goddesses which make magnificent tattoo designs.

It is possible to choose tats depicting your preferred tale or revealing what is going on in your life.

Zeus and Apollo are among the favorite gods while Aphrodite and Athena are among the favorite goddesses for tattoo designs.

The snake is a symbol of healing rituals as their venom used to be regarded as therapeutic in ancient Greece.

greek-tattoo-designs6The Greek god Asclepius was the god associated with restorative healing as well as medicine.

The staff reflected in Asclepius tattoo designs is the symbolic representation associated with healing.

In the medical field it is often depicted as a staff with a snake twisted all around it.

If you are interested in spiritual, emotional or physical healing, a tattoo design associated with the staff of Asclepius might be worth pursuing.

greek-tattoo-designs45athenaThe butterfly is a symbol associated with ancient Greek traditions and it symbolizes “mind” or “spirit”.Butterflieswere important in mythology before being linked to the human spirit.

Angels were extremely important in Greek beliefs. Angel, or “angelos”, was a divine messenger who had previously been in charge of relaying messages from gods to the people as guardian angel.

Often the sun God Helios is shown surrounded by angels with halos.



Angels often provide a comforting element to tattoo designs.


There are plenty of additional style and design options which are incredibly easily linkable.

Medusa tattoo will not be automatically a tattoo design as an undamagedflower tattoo designs.

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