Grim Reaper Tattoo

By | June 19, 2013

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by srikanth reddy
(hyderabad, A.P. India.)



My tattoo name is REAPER.

Reaper is none as the one who make justice when there is a crime.
I like the dress of the Reaper.

It took 2 hours for me to make this tattoo.

My Tattoo artist worked hard to give the best.
It is Green colored. The father of this tattoo is my artist who prepared for me. His name is Joesay. He had 22 years experience in this field. He is the best person in our area for tattoos.

It is somewhat painful for me at the time of tattoo preparation. The tattoo is on my upper arm near the biceps.

Pierre Reply:

In English, Death is frequently given the name Grim Reaper and also, within the 15th century onwards, had become presented like a skeletal shape having a significant scythe dressed from a dark cloak using a cover.

It is usually given the term of the Angel of Death or even the angel of darkness.

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