Half Sleeve Tattoo

By | October 14, 2013

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Half sleeve tattoo designs allow you to achieve the final selection for your very next ink.


They are tats which wrap around a person’s upper arm from shoulder to elbow and/or lower arm from elbow to hand.

Half sleeve tattoos are totally exposed to people and, in my opinion, are particularly sexy.

If you would like to be different and eye catching, the half sleeve or perhaps the complete sleeve tattoo, are the greatest way to display your personality.

Increasing numbers of people get tats today but the majority of them don’t currently have half sleeve layouts.

Currently there are multitudes of ways for you to enhance your body with color ink.

You will find countless models that can be ideal for your arm sleeve tats.

This type of body art is fantastic for both males and females.

Below are a few of the options that you are able to choose from:

 Koi Japanese tattoos are an extremely popular pattern for sleeves. These sleeve tattoos can be extremely attractive and have bright colored layouts and strong symbolism. They characterize bravery, strength, goodfortune, and lots of traditions the Japanese stand for.

Dragon tattoo designs also are amazing. The very long shape of the dragon can be wrapped all around your forearms which will make it an incredible combination. The head of dragon could possibly end up on the shoulder and the entire body mixed with different artsy layouts of smoke, fluids, magic…

Flower tattoos will also be fantastic on lots of half sleeves designed for females. A good number of women of all ages love to pick the delicate, gentle, and feminine cherry blossom tree layout for around the arm; males could go with tribal sunflower tats because of its masculine character.

Tribal tattoos should not be forgotten as half sleeve tattoos. Tribal full sleeve or half sleeve tattoos are actually very sexy because of their creative and mystic dynamics and are certainly a wonderful tattoo designfor the sleeve.

Black and grey sleeves look extremely attractive and sleeves do not need to be brightly colored. Maori and Polynesian pattern tats are definitely the most widely used in the tribal style for this area.


While tribal layouts are definitely the most popular for guys, another excellent option is the Celtic knot pattern.

The cross is popular but if you find a skilled tattoo artist making Celtic knot art, the chances are they will be able to make a magnificent layout for you.

Sleeves are not as accepted for girls as they are for guys. Females generally choose half sleeves.

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