Hand Tattoo Designs

By | May 13, 2013

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Hand tattoo designs are often considered the most significant statement of rebellion.

People who find themselves bold enough to have these types of tattoos usually have a symbol or a message which they really want to convey.

Hand tats are known to be pretty painful.


Tats should highlight a person’s art and/or creative imagination to people.

The majority of tattoo designs characterize specific meanings and ideas and hence are custom-made.


In North western tradition, the only part of the entire body which elicits more judgment and prejudice than a tattooed face is a tattooed hand.

Individuals who can handle this severe pain generally manage it to prove a point ie. Gang tattoos.

Hand tats are definitely more popular in certain groups than others.

Many people opt to honor their beloved by tattooing the birth and death dates on their hands or fingers as an ever-present reminder of their loss.

Sometimes a tattoo might be a reminder to be a greater individual in memory of someone.

Hand tattoo designs constitute a very public affirmation of a person’s character and their passions.

Many people pick the hands for different reasons such as:

  • Hands possess very high visibility.
  • Since it is more painful to have one’s hand tattooed it shows a higher level of dedication to the particular tattoo.
  • Hands are often the preferred location for religious tattoos, particularly Christian tattoos, as a result of connection to the Jesus’ crucifixion.

hand-tattoo-designs-crying-girlUndoubtedly the most recognized forms of hand tats are gang representations.

Usually a smaller sized group of three dots inside a triangular configuration on top of the hand within the thumb and index fingercan be described as mark that somebody has joined a gang.

Additional tats will be identified as a new gang member steps up in the ranks, the well-known teardrop underneath the eye to show that one has killed, the spider web around the elbow to indicate time in jail/prison.

Hand tattoo designs are located almost anywhere on the hand excluding the palm.

In the event that you consider having a hand tattoo, remember the fact that it is extremely visible as well as a really painful spot to get inked.

Hands may also be prone to get infected since they’re the most used area of the body in day-to-day physical activities.

If you choose to get your hands inked, plan to enjoy a couple of days off so that you can take care of your hands for the duration of the initial healing.


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