Health Risks and Dangers of Tattoos

By | January 12, 2014

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It is extremely important to understand the health risks and dangers of tattoos, particularly if you are contemplating having a tattoo design in the near future.

Tattoos have become more popular over recent years enabling many to follow trends and fashions with the various tattoo designs available. But before you make an appointment to have a tattoo design carried out, it is a good idea to be aware of health risks and dangers of tattoos.

The art of tattooing is carried out usually by a hand-held machine similar to the operation of a sewing machine with anything from one to several needles puncturing the skin in a repetitive process. This process enables the colored inks to be portrayed on the skin and formulate any design.

The whole process is carried out without anaesthetics and dependent upon the size of tattoo design chosen, could take several hours. Additionally, with large tattoos there might be a small amount of bleeding and some pain experienced.

One of the most significant health risks and dangers of tattoos is skin infections which can result in soreness, pain and swelling and the need for medical treatment if it does not heal.

An allergic reaction is also another problem which could occur, dependent upon each individual and their ability to resist allergies.

One of the more serious health risks and dangers of tattoos is when the equipment has been contaminated with infected blood. The outcome of this could be one of the many blood borne diseases such as hepatitis B or C, tetanus or even HIV – which is responsible for AIDS.

Other minor skin infections can result causing lumps and bumps known as granulomas which usually appear around the area of the tattoo.

Clearly it is essential to understand the whole process of tattooing before having any designs or body art, as it is otherwise known, carried out.

Should you have any allergic reactions it might be advisable to have this investigated first. Once you are aware of the health risks and dangers of tattoos you will be able to consider whether you wish to go ahead with the tattoo design you have chosen.

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