Help with foot tattoo designs etc?

By | February 5, 2014

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I want to get a tattoo on my foot, thinking of gettin tiny footprints along my foot so I could later get like a fairy on my ankle etc. Not sure whether to get coloured in, the outline or make it look like an imprint in my foot (just shading) Is there anywhere on the net where I can find designs for this as I have looked everywhere!

Also, would like to know people's experiences with having foot tattoos, I already have one on my back which wasn't too bad! Any help is welcome.

foot tattoos are supposed to be more painful due to the bones been closer to your skin so you feel it more

possible sites are:

for a foot i think a nice flowing tattoo would look nice, like a flower with swirling vines, or the trail of paw prints etc..

another could be a shooting star, or if your set on a fairy why not get a glitter or tiny star moon suns etc.. trail going down your foot?

all the best xxx

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