Hibiscus Tattoos

By | October 22, 2013

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Hibiscus tattoos are a wonderful choice as they generally represent gentle natural beauty.


Traditional Hawaiian hibiscus designs are very typical tattoo layouts in floral body art.

A hibiscus as tattoo can be chosen due to the flexibility on shade, sizes and also due to its appearance and color.

There is a lot of symbolism associated with the hibiscus.

It is interesting to learn about hibiscus tats as well as their particular symbolism.

In Hawaiian tradition the presence of hibiscus indicates ‘to get the particular opportunity’ offered to you.

The white-colored hibiscus signifies enlightenment. Royalty will be shown by a vibrant crimson hibiscus. Above all, the hibiscus signifies sophisticated beauty and loveliness.


Many people will opt to have a hibiscus inked over having their lover’s name, since it is a sign of faithfulness and devotion and it can indicate a first love as well.

It can also be mixed with tribal tattoo patterns. A hibiscus design can represent a relaxed lifestyle too.


The hibiscus blended in tattoos can symbolize a brief existence, since the life time of the hibiscus is extremely short.

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