how bad does each of the following tattoos hurt?

By | January 29, 2014

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im getting all of these tattoos, ive had on on my ancle but the artist told me each one feels different in each place,

1. wrist

2. hip

3. back of neck, close to back of ear

im looking for people who have had tattoos not people who say yeah it hurts, its a needle, and please dont say dont get them i am, i just wanna know what im getting myself into… help?

Tattoos feel different for everybody, it all depends on your pain tolerance. I have low pain tolerance, and I have two tattoos, both on the tops of my feet (a very sensitive area) where there isn't a lot of skin, and it is close to the bone.

I found that it wasn't a nice feeling, as in I was glad when he stopped, but it is a lot better then you expect it to be !

It is definitely a bearable pain, and it helps if you talk to your artist while he is doing it, it will take your mind off of it. But I believe that the more skin that is in an area, the less it is probably going to hurt.

Basically if you're not a compete whimp, you should be totally fine. You expect a lot worse than it actually is, and it gets you all worked up.

Whatever you do, don't take a pain killer before hand, like ibuprofen (advil), it thins your blood, and makes it hurt worse !

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