How can one object to the removal of a question one is answering?

By | January 3, 2014

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Several times recently I have noticed that people have posted important questions – in the sense that they expose an idea or belief that really needs to be challenged and corrected – and these questions have been removed. Often this has happened with a number of very pertinent answers, challenging the idea behind the question, already posted. A recent example was a question about “Mandela Necklaces” that really should be addressed, but was cut.

I object to this very strongly – how can we hope to educate, if people cannot express the ideas that need to be challenged? So how,on Y!A do I go about objecting to the removal of a question?

It appears that in the case I quoted the question wasn't removed, dear Sophie just couldn't cope with contrary opinions. But it's still an issue. People do complain about stuff when it's better being addressed and argued with.

Appreciate Whizzy's contribution, but I think he/she had better tell the entire population of Y!A politics, it will come as news to them.

I should have said originally that I know objectors can have an answer removed. My problem is that two might want it removed while a hundred want it to remain. Result: it is removed. Am I alone in feeling this is not ideal?

I also appreciate Chetak's pint. However the question and answer were important just for that reason. the point is that the name doesn't refer to Nelson Mandela, but to his appalling wife Winnie. It is just at this time we need to make that distinction.

Although you are probably correct it is a little tactless at the time with Mandela so close to death. Few people will not want to hear about tthat part of his career.

It is against the rules to degrade a person on here, and using that name attached to the necklace could be seen that way.

Remember the reporters are just users like you and me, and if the numbers count up to make it a violation then it is unless the appeal is successful. The Answers team have nothing to do with the deletions as that is automatic They only read the appeals and they claim to be strictly neutral


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