How did 50 Cent get rid of all his tattoos so fast?

By | February 9, 2014

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For that movie 50 Cent lost alot of weight and got rid of his tattoos. I really need to know how did he do this so fast and what did he use on the tattoos.

50 Cent is one of the most recent celebrities getting tattoo removal with lasers. And he is not only loaded in wealth he is also one celebrity hip-hop rapper loaded with tattoos on his body. But it seems 50 Cent is willing to pay his dues to undo and unload several tattoos with laser tattoo removal.

Insider celebrity news revealed 50 Cent is getting tattoo removal is because he wants to be able to land movie roles, and having a body covered with so many tattoos makes it very difficult to diversify on the big screen.

50 Cent is not alone on the rapper removal scene, as Pharrell Williams is another celebrity going through costly tattoo removal procedures to remove tattoos. But the difference between these two rappers is their approach in removing unwanted tattoos.

While 50 Cent has signed up for laser removal treatments, it seems Pharrell Williams is pursuing an interesting take on covering tattoos with new alternative way of removing visible tattoos.

Williams is opting for an alternative tattoo removal procedure that grows new replacement skin in a laboratory. The Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina has a treatment to regenerate skin that is similar to skin grafting, but instead of taking skin from one area of the body and moving it to another they actually grow new human replacement skin.

For those people thinking laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure to remove tattoo mistakes, think again… replacement skin treatment takes the wrap when it comes to expensive tattoo removal.

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