How do I get somebody to design me a Traditional Maori tattoo?

By | January 13, 2014

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I want one that goes over all of my upper right arm and goes on my chest.

And I don't want one off a tattoo shop wall.

Who designs tattoos the Maori style?

Sorry, but if you want a traitional maori tattoo, then you will have to go to a traditional Maori Tattooist! Try NZ or Hawaii USA. Though there maybe others working outside these countries. All their tattoos are indiviual to the person and the tattooist will design one based on your life events..

The tattoo will not be done with an electric tattoo gun, but with traditional Maori instruments and inks.

If you go to anyone but a Maori to get this type of tattoo, then you may as well just pick a design off the wall.

I've been saving 3 years for my trip from london to New Zealand.

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